Our Towers

The Benefits of Our Towers

When a power line goes down or a tower collapses because of a storm, flood or any other natural disaster, it can be very costly for the utility company, seriously disrupting the lives of whom depend on that power. Not only does the utility company lose revenue, but there will most likely be an expensive repair bill. The best and most economical tool to mitigate this liability is a restoration tower.

The same Tower Solutions restoration tower can also be used for non-emergency work because it’s so versatile, adaptable and easy to use. This avoids the cost of other types of lifting equipment, which can often be more expensive, or may be unable to access remote locations.

Tower Solutions’ tower can be erected very quickly, usually in half a day, and can be configured to any requirement that might be needed, and in any environment that might be encountered. The tower is easy to erect using only minimal equipment, enabling a small crew of four people to erect a tower using only the tools that come with the tower. Made of high-strength aluminum, and machined to uncompromising precision, designed with components that are interchangeable, our tower is designed for maximum strength and lightweight handling.

The tower is stored in specially modified 20’ shipping containers, equipped with racking for easy identification and removal, and easy re-storage. In an emergency, the complete tower system is highly mobile, able to be transported to your worksite with ease.

Tower Solutions has the technical knowledge and necessary expertise to design towers that are IEC 60652 and IEEE 1070 certified. These crucial tests not only apply loads to single modules (the IEEE standard) but also to fully built systems, the same tests permanent towers go through (IEC 60652). We test our towers the way they would be used and the duress they would go through in the field.

Other Benefits

  • Fall arrester
  • Bronze alloy insert (in the base)
  • Universal attachment 
  • Neatness and simplicity of the container 
  • Ready-to-deploy

Our Towers in Action