The Tower Solutions restoration tower complies with the requirements of both IEEE 1070-2006 and IEC60652 standards.As far as we know, our tower is the only restoration tower system in the world to be accredited to both of these standards.

IEEE 1070-2006standards (Guide for the Design and Testing of Transmission Modular Restoration Structure Components) requires that all the components of a restoration tower system be tested independently, in a testing laboratory, in accordance with the standards.

Further, IEEE defines specific criteria for the way that attachments must be bolted to the tower. Tower Solutions’ tower attachments are secured to the tower in a manner precisely consistent with these criteria.

IEEE also requires that tower sections be connected by means of a flange connection. Tower Solutions’ tower complies with this criterion.

IEC 60652 (Loading tests on overhead Line Structures) requires that the complete tower system be tested as a whole, in real field conditions, in accordance with the loading limits required by the client.

All Tower Solutions towers are tested in accordance with IEEE before they are shipped to clients. During testing, the client is invited to witness every step of the testing process. When towers are shipped, a complete bill of materials is included as part of the shipping documents. All mill certificates are made available for inspection at any time.

IEC Testing

The testing program satisfies the IEC Loading Tests on Overhead Line Structures. All IEC tests have been carried out in complete accordance with the load cases, specific to certain conditions, designed and supplied by the client’s engineering personnel.



EDS Everyday Stress CVS3 Elastic Deformation Stress MSA Maximum Allowable Stress MSB Maximum Allowable Stress MSB*(Exceptional) Maximum Allowable Stress
Temperature (°C) 15 0 -5 -20 -20
Wind (km/h) 65 65 130 65 65
Ice (mm thick) None None None 12 12
Max Load (N) 22,200 26,100 80,200 65,500 62,300

IEC Testing Image

IEEE Testing

Requirements of IEEE Testing of Transmission Modular Restoration Structure Components, Std. 1070-1995 includes the following tests.

  • Compression of Columns
  • Bending of Columns
  • Torsion of Columns
  • Ultimate Strength Bending – Bolts
  • Ultimate Strength Bending – Welds
  • Test of Insulator Attachment
  • Test of Guy Attachment
  • Test of Bolt and Nut Ultimate Strength
  • Combined Bending and Compression of Columns
  • Test of Column Buckling
  • Test for Compression of Gimbal
  • Test for Gimbal Transverse Load

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