The Tower Solutions system is easily adapted to any configuration and can be erected in almost any terrain, including wet areas. Designed as an emergency tower for any duty requirement that a transmission line might encounter, it is versatile and durable. But it is also useful as a tool for regular maintenance of transmission lines and towers or for construction of temporary lines of any voltage capacity.

Temporary towers can be used in a wide range of applications, such as…

    • Emergency restoration following a storm or natural catastrophe
    • Construction of a by-pass for damaged lines or line maintenance
    • Substitution of line sections for preventive or corrective maintenance
    • Quick installation of electrical power lines during construction projects
    • Temporary installation of electrical power lines to a mine
    • Substitution of communication towers in the event of emergency or maintenance
    • Meteorological towers for measuring weather conditions
    • Tower for high-reach needs in hard to reach areas
    • River crossings

The Tower Solutions system can be adapted to many physical configurations, such as …

  • Suspension tower in Delta configuration
  • Suspension tower in Running Angle configuration
  • Anchor tower (for line angle between 30° and 60°)
  • Dead End tower (for angle >60°)
  • Chainette (for small angles)