Conferences and Expos attended

Tower Solutions is present for most major international expos and technical presentations such as the IEEE T&D conference, CIGRE symposium, National Expos such as Middle East electricity etc. Below are some of the events in the recent past where Tower Solutions was present:


IEEE T&D Conference and Exhibition in Chicago (April 2014). This popular event of the Power & Energy Society attracts many visitors and we are always proud to be part of it. The following link takes you directly to the IEEE website for more information:

Tower Solutions participated in the Middle East Electricity Exhibition 2014 in Dubai, and showcased the latest improvements in Emergency Restoration Tower designs that ensure our position at the cutting edge of the ERS industry.

EPRE Expo in Indonesia (September 2013)

Tower Solutions hosted a booth at the 7th annual CIGRE Canada Conference on Power Systems, held in Montreal, Canada, in September 2012. Our tower components were on display.