Anchor testing device and 765 kV working platform

Tower Solutions is pleased to introduce its new, easy-to-use, tool for testing anchor capacity. This is a simple but accurate device for verifying the holding capacity of an anchor after it is installed. With this tool, your work crew can verify that every anchor has been installed to specification, without concern or uncertainty. Easily installed and handled, this tool is an essential component of your erection toolkit.

An advanced working platform is also available now to make the installation of insulators faster and easier. This new platform is designed specifically for 765kV lines, and allows the work crew better access to insulators that are further out from the tower. Extendible from 2.5m to 4.5m and equipped with safety equipment, this platform is a useful new addition to the list of tools that make your temporary tower even more functional.

Contact us to know more about anchor testing methodology for high voltage towers , about the anchor testing unit or the working platform.