We specialize in Transmission Modular Restoration Structures, which are also known as Emergency Restoration Systems, Temporary Towers or simply Restoration Towers. Our towers can be erected very quickly, enabling rapid restoration of power following damage to power lines or transmission towers. Our towers are also used for regular maintenance because of their versatility and agility, wherever high reach is required, particularly useful in hard to reach locations. These towers are also used for temporary needs such as construction by-passes, temporary lines to remote locations, river crossings, meteorological applications, and other similar types of uses. Our engineers have developed an attachment that allows our tower to be used as a crane with a lifting capacity of 3000 Kg, offering a low-cost alternative for jobs where high reach is required such as erecting permanent steel towers in remote areas.

Tower Solutions is a privately held Canadian corporation based in Ontario and is a proud member of the Markham Chamber of Commerce and the Toronto Board of Trade. The Company was founded in 2002 in response to the industry’s need for a better temporary tower solution.

The founding members have extensive background in the HV electrical utility industry and expert knowledge of aluminum welding and emergency tower engineering. They lead a powerhouse engineering team at Tower Solutions that provide clients with the most advanced temporary tower system available today.