A restoration tower is an important tool for any electrical transmission utility company.

When a transmission line faces a power disruption emergency, time is of the essence. By having a restoration tower system on hand, the utility company has an effective emergency preparedness plan that enables rapid recovery from an emergency so that power can be restored as quickly as possible. When a power line goes down, or a tower collapses because of a storm or flood or other disaster, it can be very costly for the utility company and seriously disruptive to its subscribers. Not only does the utility lose revenue, there may also be penalties involved, as well as the expense of repairing the damage. The best and most economical tool to mitigate this liability is a restoration tower.

The same restoration tower can also be used for non-emergency work because it is so versatile, adaptable and easy to use. This avoids the cost of other types of lifting equipment, which can often be more expensive, or may be unable to access remote locations.

Tower Solutions’ tower can be erected very quickly, usually in half a day, and can be configured to any requirement that might be needed, and in any environment that might be encountered. The tower is easy to erect using only a minimum of equipment, enabling a small crew of 4 people to erect a tower using only the tools that come with the tower. Made of high strengthaluminum, and machined to uncompromising precision, designed with components that are interchangeable, the tower is designed for maximum strength and lightweight handling.

The tower is stored in specially modified 20’ shipping containers, equipped with racking for easy identification and removal, and easy re-storage. In an emergency,the complete tower system is easily transported to the worksite and easily retrieved